Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Remove Malware (Rogue Anti-virus)

This article is about how to remove a Malware on your PC. The most common Malware you will encounter is a Rogue Anti-Virus. For beginners it will quite hard to remove manually but I have here a step by step procedure on how you yourself could remove that nasty Malware on your PC. There of course many applications that find and remove rogue anti-virus applications however there are times where you might need to manually remove the rogue. Here's my step by step procedure on how to do it.

Terminating the process:

Step – 1.Click CTRL-ALT-DELETE (if it's available)

Step – 2.Click Task Manager

Step – 3.Click Processes

Step – 4.Find a process that usually contain all numbers. For example 2342342.exe. If you do not see all numbers then your rogue has a name like...SystemSecurityPro.exe or GreenAV.exe...etc.

Step – 5.Select that process and click end process.

Step – 6.At this point the rogue process has been terminated.

Removing Rogue Anti-virus that is named with random numbers.

Step – 1.Click Start

Step – 2.Click Run (or for Vista type in the start search box)

Step – 3.For windows xp type: C:\documents and settings\all users\Application Data and click OK. A window will open containing a folder with about 8 numbers. Your Rogue is in there. Delete that folder.

Step – 4.For Windows Vista type C:\users\all users in the "start search" box and click enter. Your randomly named folder with about 8 digits should be in there. Delete it.

Removing Rogue Anti-Virus that has a name like System Guard Pro, AV2010, etc

Step - 1.Open Windows Explorer.

Step - 2.Open your C:\ drive.

Step - 3.Open Program Files

Step -5.Find the Rogue and Delete the folder.

Now you can enjoy using your PC without any Rogue visitors…


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