Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fix Blue Screen of Death

This blue screen of death is encountered when your computer suddenly doesn't boot and shows only blue screen. I encountered this error on my office this morning. When I tried to open my computer and it started by showing the message that ask you to choose from Safe mode, Start windows normally, etc. I just selected the start windows normally but when the windows shows up the blue screen suddenly appears and my computer restarted.

This is the first time I met this BSOD so I harried and call our IT specialist. He tried some tricks, opened my computer, removed the memory and boot it up again but same error occurs. Then he shows up this CD that has a Disk Checker on it. He put it up on the DVD drive and rebooted again then he can now see my files with the help of the Disk Checker. After that reboot again and that's it. Its fixed, the computer just need its files to be checked. You can download the Disk Checker to fix the blue screen of death in here.


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