Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tips to Customize Desktop

Do you have a desktop?A customize desktop? Well if you do, that’s cool, if not; well that’s a no no. I have here some tips to make your desktop computer exceptional. You don’t need to have that big amount of money to have a customize desktop, all you need is your creativity and of course my help.

There are so many stores now that offers different styles of desktop computer accessories. Here's some tips that you could follow so you wont have difficulty customizing.

1. Choose a theme. Its always easier to show your creativity if you are following a theme or a plan. For this instance lets choose a racing inspired desktop computer.

2. Search for a budget lcd screen. There are so many lcd screen stores that offer different styles of screens.

3. Find a car inspired mouse and a race track inspired mouse pad. I have found here a style that fits our racing theme. Cool isn’t it.

4. Update your old keyboard by buying a keyboard skins. Again choose a racing themed skin.

5. Lastly, buy a cpu casing that match our racing track theme and replace it on your old desktop computer.

That’s it, no big amount of cash need and you have the authority to choose your own style. You can also customize the icons in your desktop. Read my tutorial on how to customize your desktop icons. Just experiment by yourself to customize desktop.


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