Friday, June 24, 2011

When to upgrade RAM

Do you know when to upgrade ram? Yes, it can be upgraded, your laptop or desktop computer can have their random access memory upgraded. If you had read my past post about How to Upgrade PC RAM you will have be able to know how upgrading is done. But a question still remains, when is the right time to upgrade my RAM?

You can buy RAM anytime you want just make sure that it doesn't surpass the maximum memory capacity allowed by your mother board. And of course count the number of ram slots. If your only using your laptop or your desktop computer just for browsing the net or for office purposes only I recommend 1 gb of RAM will do. But if your on the edge, like gaming, graphics development, movie making you should have at least 6gb of ram. Well everything depends on how you you want your laptop or computer should work so I hope I shared good thoughts on when to upgrade RAM.


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